Compleat Jun 11, 2021 9:15:00 AM 6 min read

Tom Cuffling Is The Employee Of The Month!

Thank you to all who participated in Compleat's Employee of the Month. I am very pleased to announce that Tom Cuffling has been selected as Compleat's Employee of the Month for May 2021!

Tom joined the company in February 2019 & works as an iCompleat Enablement Specialist in the Enablement Team. His colleagues have praised his work ethic, attitude & his dedication to his role:

  • Since Aileen left the business it has left a hole in the iCompleat support department & while all of the enablement team have helped out, Tom has been the one to really grab it with both hands to make sure the level of services to customers has not been affected too much.

  • Tom has a get on & get things done attitude and was backed up on a recent conversation when asked how he was getting on with support, he said, "I’m just doing whatever needs to be done in the interim." I can't thank Tom enough for the interim help he has given but more importantly for the attitude in just getting on and doing it.

  • Tom is always asking for additional responsibility & seeking opportunities for personal development. The work we have done recently on the 4th Amazon campaign has really seen Tom come into his own. In addition to recent resource issues within the support function, Tom has continually stepped up to support Gavin & the team, managing the customer's expectations while liaising with other teams until a resolution was in place.


Other standout nominees include:

Bill Hammer, Steve Middleton, Michael Bunn, Tracey Anderson, David Godbold, John Squires, Ash Bell, Carl Hadi, Antonio Luis, Jon Reeves, Davianna Smith, Amber Kelley, Alex Carnall, Kelly Britten & Louise Palframan.

A big congratulations to Tom who has won £100 in vouchers & an Employee of the Month trophy. As a result of our voter draw, Gary Bavin has also won £20 of Love to Shop vouchers.

June nominations are now open & the results will be announced in early July. Please send your nominations via email to



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